Below are reviews by parent and students of St. Stanislaus. If you would like to add on to the list, leave your name and a comment in the box below!

“St. Stanislaus granted me the education necessary to make my high school experience a complete success. My entire freshman year of high school seemed like nothing more than a review for the most part. I ended up graduating valedictorian of my class, and I have my elementary school education to thank for that.”
Alex Zygmunt

“My children are third generation students. I feel that my children get the best possible education in the state, just like my father and I have. When I went here the school only went up to sixth grade. My parents then sent my brother and I to public school. We were learning the same material we learned in fourth grade(at St. Stan’s) in seventh grade in public school. I know that my children are safe and secure being there. With the world being what it is today, it helps knowing that sending them to St. Stanislaus I don’t have to worry about risks of guns, drugs, bullies or any other problems that other parents my have. You also have the ability to contact the teachers when there is a problem or concern. I strongly suggest that you call and make an appointment to tour the school and speak with Mrs. Kaszuba about the school and curriculum if you are considering a private school.”
Mary Wedlock

“The small class sizes and special one on one treatment that St. Stanislaus gave me really helped when it came to high school. Now I’m in honors classes at Holy Cross and was on the honor roll my entire high school career.”
Troy Petrillo

“I went to St. Stanislaus as a child, now my son goes there.He is in 6th grade and an honor roll student. His manners,and moral values are incredible. Knowing your child likes going to school is great too.My only wish is that this GREAT School went to 12th grade. Maybe someday!!!!”
-Jeanine Bendowski

“With our Son the public school system failed us. We have found that with this private school he is able to focus more on his academics and less on peer pressure.”
Glen Robbins


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