St. Stanislaus Activities:

In addition to our emphasis on the core subjects of Reading and Math, our students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of other activities to stimulate learning, provide a variety of experience and have fun.

Holiday Parties – Halloween, Christmas and Easter are celebrated with parties for the students. The Halloween party features a costume parade, Santa visits the Christmas party and an egg hunt is the center of the Easter party. The end of the school year is celebrated with “field day,” where the students are taken to YMS of R Park for a picnic and various activities.

Field Trips – Beginning with a visit to a pumpkin patch in October, continuing with a holiday program in December and usually including a trip to an art museum and other cultural events in the Spring, St. Stanislaus students enjoy several field trips throughout the year. Parental suggestions and involvement are not only welcome but encouraged.

Pageants and Programs – Since St. Stanislaus is a Catholic school, our celebrations of the seasons are faith-based. Christmas is observed with the annual “Jaselka,” a Christmas program in which every student has a speaking role and a chance to sing Christmas carols. We also celebrate the founding of the Church with a program, again featuring speaking and singing roles. We mark the end of the school year with a graduation program where kindergarten and eighth grade graduates have a cap and gown ceremony.

Science Fair – Students in grades three and up participate in our Science Fair. The student’s experiments are on display for a public viewing and are judged by an impartial panel. Prizes are awarded.

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