About Us

St. Stanislaus offers an exceptional education for your child from kindergarten through eighth grade.

At St. Stanislaus, our academic focus is on the fundamentals of education and providing the skills for each student to become self-reliant and self-motivated learners. We provide an environment where students can feel safe and not pressured by unsavory influences.

Our small class size allows high achievers to advance at their own rate and students who need more time will receive the encouragement they need to master the skills of their grade level.

Students receive regular religious instruction and attend Mass twice weekly and on every Holy Day of Obligation. We provide a Christian environment and encourage community service.

We feel parents are an important part of their child’s education and we encourage participation and communication in school activities. Parents share in extracurricular duties such as chaperoning, planning holiday parties, and participating in other activities to keep the school and PTO running smoothly.


Features include:

• Full-Day Kindergarten
• Parental Involvement Encouraged
• Small Class Size – Individual Attention
• Faith-Based Environment
• Excellence in Math and English – Outstanding Results

St. Stanislaus also features an Honor Roll program where students in grades four and up with a 90 or better are eligible.

St. Stanislaus is:

• A Faith-Based Catholic Elementary School
• A learning environment that emphasizes firm mastery of the fundamentals of elementary education, namely, reading and mathematics.
• A learning community that not only welcomes, but actively seeks the support and involvement of parents as indispensable partners in the learning process.
• A private, religion-centered school that teaches catholic Christian values and provides a values-based curriculum.
• A safe, warm, nurturing place for children to learn.
• A school whose small class sizes provides a virtually personalized curriculum for each child.
• A school whose multi-age classrooms foster advanced learning, self-esteem and sensitivity in students.
• A Christian community where service to others is valued and promoted as part of the curriculum of the upper grades.

St. Stanislaus is not:

• A public school with unlimited resources.
• A secular school that is barred from teaching values and religion.
• A large, impersonal place where learning takes an institutionalized approach.
• A school without focus.

.. if our school meets your needs please send us a message through the contact us page.